Type: BCNM
Zone: Ghelsba Outpost (F-10) Hut Door

Level: 20
Members: 3
Time: 15 minutes

Orb: Cloudy Orb (20 Beastmen's Seals)





Colo-colo x 1


Giant Bat

Furies x 2


Bat Triplets

Possible Rewards

Item Rarity Item Rarity
     Astral Ring      Rare (approx 10%)      Platoon Lance      Uncommon
     Thunder Spirit Pact      Rare      Platoon Dagger      Uncommon
     Colored Rocks
        (e.g. White Rock)
     Rare      Platoon Sword      Uncommon
     Scroll of Invisible      Uncommon      Platoon Pole      Uncommon
     Scroll of Sneak      Uncommon      Platoon Axe      Uncommon
     Scroll of Deodorize      Uncommon      Platoon Edge      Uncommon
     Gunromaru      Uncommon      Bat Fang      Common
     Ganko      Uncommon      Bat Wing      Common
     Mythril Beastcoin      Common

Mob Information (See mob articles for details)

Colo-colo (Giant Bat)
Uses Drain, Poisonga, Marrow Drain, Subsonics, and regular Giant Bat attacks.
Furies (Bat Triplet)
Uses Drain, Slipstream, Turbulence, and regular Bat Triplet attacks.

Strategy and Tips

Wings of Fury Strategies

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