Quick Fame

  • If you cannot access a specific quest, repeat quests:
  • See Quick Reputation Guide for alternative options to level fame.
  • Fame can be checked at NPCs:

Quests of Note

Quest Type Fame Reward

Quests Started Here (Port Windurst)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame
  A Discerning Eye General R Pygmalion   M-7 1
  All at Sea General Paytah   I-7 3
  Catch It If You Can! General R Ohruru   E-7 ?
  Crying Over Onions General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 6
  Escort for Hire Escort R Dehn Harzhapan   G-6 6
  Inspector's Gadget! General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 3
  Know One's Onions Spell Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 2
  Making Amends General Hakkuru-Rinkuru   E-7 2
  Making Amens! General Hakkuru-Rinkuru   E-7 4
  One Good Deed? Map Chipmy-Popmy   C-8 ?
  Onion Rings General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 3
  Orastery Woes Weapon Skill Kuroido-Moido   E-7 ---
  Something Fishy General R Tokaka   C-8 1
  The Promise General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 ?
  To Catch a Falling Star General Sigismund   E-7 1
  Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way! General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 1
  Wonder Wands General Hakkuru-Rinkuru   E-7 ?

Quests Started Here (Windurst Walls)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame
  Blast from the Past General Koru-Moru   E-7 3
  Blood and Glory Weapon Skill Shantotto   K-7 --
  Carbuncle Debacle SMN AF 3 --   I-9 --
  Class Reunion SMN AF 2 --   G-3 --
  Curses, Foiled A-Golem!? Spell Shantotto   K-7 4
  Curses, Foiled Again! General Shantotto   K-7 1
  Curses, Foiled...Again!? General Shantotto   K-7 2
  Flower Child Mog Exit Ojha Rhawash   C-13 1
  I Can Hear a Rainbow SMN Flag Ajido-Marujido   G-3 --
  Mandragora-Mad General (R) Yoran-Oran   E-5 1
  Nothing Matters General Koru-Moru   E-7 9
  Star Struck General Koru-Moru   E-7 2
  The Postman Always K.O.s Twice General (R) Ambrosius   J-12 1
  The Puppet Master SMN AF 1 Juroro   I-8 --
  To Bee or Not to Bee? General Raamimi   F-7 2

Quests Started Here (Windurst Waters)

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  A Crisis in the Making General R Ranpi-Monpi   (D-9) 2
  A Feather in One's Cap General R Baren-Moren   (H-7) 3
  A Pose by Any Other Name General Angelica   (F-10) 1
  A Smudge on One's Record Map Hariga-Origa   (F-8) 4
  Acting in Good Faith Spell Gantineux   (E-10) 4
  Blue Ribbon Blues General Kerutoto   (J-8) ?
  Chasing Tales General Tosuka-Porika   (G-8) 3
  Early Bird Catches the Bookworm General Tosuka-Porika   (G-8) 2
  Eco-Warrior General R Lumomo   (F-10) 1
  Food for Thought General Kerutoto   (J-8) 1
  Glyph Hanger Map Hariga-Origa   (F-8) 1
  Hat in Hand General R Baren-Moren   (H-7) 1
  Heaven Cent General Ropunono   (F-7) 5
  Hoist the Jelly, Roger General Maysoon   (E-9) ?
  In a Pickle General R Chamama   (F-10) 1
  Let Sleeping Dogs Lie General Mashuu-Ajuu   (K-6) 4
  Making Headlines General Naiko-Paneiko   (C-11) 1
  Making the Grade Spell Fuepepe   (L-6) 3
  Overnight Delivery General Kenapa-Keppa   (J-9) 3
  Reap What You Sow General R Mashuu-Ajuu   (K-6) 1
  Say It with Flowers General R Moari-Kaaori   (C-9) 2
  Scooped! General Naiko-Paneiko   (C-11) ?
  Teacher's Pet General R Moreno-Toeno   (L-6) 1
  The Moonlit Path Avatar R Leepe-Hoppe   (J-9) --
  Toraimarai Turmoil General R Ohbiru-Dohbiru   (J-9) ?
  Tuning In General Leepe-Hoppe   (J-9) ?
  Tuning Out General Leepe-Hoppe   (J-9) ?
  Waking Dreams Avatar R Kerutoto   (J-8) ?
  Water Way to Go General Ohbiru-Dohbiru   (J-9) 4
  Wild Card General Honoi-Gomoi   (E-7) ?
  Wondering Minstrel General Jatan-Paratan   (F-10) 6

Quests Started Here (Windurst Woods)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame
  A Chocobo Riding Game Delivery ---   L-12 ?
  A Greeting Cardian General Kororo   H-9 3
  As Thick as Thieves THF AF 2 Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 ---
  Can Cardians Cry? General Apururu   H-9 ?
  Chocobilious General Kuoh Rhel   K-12 2
  Creepy Crawlies General R Illu Bohjaa   I-6 1
  Fire and Brimstone RNG AF 2 Perih Vashai   K-7 ---
  From Saplings Grow Weapon Skill Perih Vashai   K-7 ---
  Hitting the Marquisate THF AF 3 Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 ---
  In a Stew General R Kuoh Rhel   K-12 4
  Legendary Plan B General Kopuro-Popuro   H-10 4
  Lure of the Wildcat General Ibwam   G-11 1
  Mihgo's Amigo General R Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 Tensh.: 1
  Paying Lip Service General R Tapoh Lihzeh   I-8 1
  Rock Racketeer General Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 3
  Sin Hunting RNG AF 1 Perih Vashai   K-7 ---
  The All-New C-2000 General Kopuro-Popuro   H-10 1
  The All-New C-3000 General Kopuro-Popuro   H-10 4
  The Amazin' Scorpio General Soni-Muni   H-10 2
  The Fanged One RNG Flag Perih Vashai   K-7 ---
  The Kind Cardian Jeuno Reputation Apururu   H-9 ---
  The Tenshodo Showdown THF AF 1 Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 ---
  Twinstone Bonding General R Gioh Ajihri   K-5 3
  Unbridled Passion RNG AF 3 Perih Vashai   K-7 ---

Quests Started Here (Heavens Tower)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame
  Recollections BLM AF 2 Chumimi    1
  The Root of the Problem BLM AF 3 Chumimi    1
  The Three Magi BLM AF 1 Chumimi    1
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