Drags a K.O.'d target toward you.


Spell cost: 26 MP
Spell element: Dark
Magic skill: Dark Magic


Casting Time: 3 seconds
Recast Time: 10 seconds

How to Obtain


Dropped From

Name Level Zone
Wight 28-30 Qufim Island
29-33 Gusgen Mines
32-35 Maze of Shakhrami

Additional Notes

Moves other K.O.'d players around without having to revive them. When cast, the K.O.'d player gains the option to be moved to the exact spot you were standing at when you cast Tractor, which they may accept or decline similar to Raise status. Due to limitations on spellcasting range, multiple castings of Tractor are required to move a character over long distances.

The spell is primarily used to move K.O.'d players out of dangerous areas so they can be Raised, and also to transport players to areas that are otherwise too difficult or time consuming for them to reach on foot (alive). A couple of well-known examples of the latter are reaching the northern entrance to The Eldieme Necropolis in Batallia Downs (normally only accessible by traversing through Beaucedine Glacier), or reaching the area in Yuhtunga Jungle where the Fire Fragment for Zilart Mission 5 is obtained (normally only accessible by traversing through Ifrit's Cauldron).

Raise and Tractor statuses cannot coexist. Tractor will have "no effect" on a player with Raise status active. They must decline the option to revive before they can be Tractored. Likewise, someone with Tractor status active must accept or decline it before they can be Raised.

Please note that accepting Tractor counts as moving to another area (even though you end up in the same area). Certain quests or NM fights involving multiple steps require that players do not move to different areas between the steps, otherwise they will have to start them over from the beginning. For instance, if your party is fighting a ???-spawned Notorious Monster for a quest and a party member is K.O.'d prior to the NM's defeat, using Tractor on them after the NM is defeated may prevent them from getting the key item from the ??? point that normally becomes available after defeating the NM. As such, they will need to spawn and fight the NM again to receive credit. Likewise, using Tractor on a fallen player during Besieged will count as moving to another area, therefore resetting any Imperial Standing accumulated and refreshing the Temporary Items obtained upon zoning into Al Zahbi during a beastman invasion.

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