Start NPC:   Washu - Norg (J-8)
  Tenshodo Reputation 4
  Level 10
  Items Needed:   Empty Barrel (Key Item)
  Title:   Apprentice Sommelier
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Scroll of Hojo: Ichi
  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   None



  • Talk to Washu at J-8. First room on your left as you head down the hallway towards Gilgamesh's room.
  • Washu will give you the Key Item Empty Barrel and tells you to fill it with Opo-Opo brew found in a Yhoator Jungle tree.
  • You will need to examine the ??? that spawns at random points in Yhoator Jungle. Consult the map to the right for the possible spawn points. The spawn points are noted in Light Blue.
  • Once you find the ??? the key item becomes Barrel of Opo-Opo Brew.
  • Return to Washu and she will give you a scroll of Hojo: Ichi

Game Description

Client: Washu (Norg)

Fill up an empty barrel with Opo-opo brew found fermenting in trees in the Yhoator Jungle, and bring it back to Norg ASAP.
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