Vana'diel contains 5 playable races.


Humes are characterized by balanced abilities, moderate intelligence, and high level of skill in numerous areas.


The Tarutaru are a race of skilled magic users who call Windurst their home. Masters of the magical arts, the Tarutaru have honed their abilities through dutiful study of the world around them.


The Galka are a hulking race of powerful warriors. The sheer strength of their powerful physiques is second to none.


The Elvaan are a race of proud warriors, characterized by their tall, slender bodies and pointed ears, both males and females of the race excel in swordsmanship.


The Mithra, a predominantly female race of hunters, are identified by their characteristic cat-like ears and tails.

Race Selection

The 5 playable races are comprised of 16 character models for each race and applicable gender for a total of 128 Character Models. If that's not enough, each model can be also be assigned the size of small, medium, or large for a total of 384 unique looks. Furthermore, with 3 different nations, 20 different jobs and 75 different levels, the odds of meeting someone who is your virtual twin would be 1 in 1,728,000!

There's quite a bit of freedom to choose whatever race best suits your personal tastes. While, the base stats will vary for each race, most of the impact will be on what type of equipment you wear versus what job you decide to play. It is also common for players to play several jobs, so picking a race that's "perfect" for all of them isn't practical or necessary. There are some exceptions, though. If you want to be the strongest melee and plan to stack Strength gear you'd choose Elvaan. If you want the most intelligence and largest MP pool for your black mage, choose Tarutaru. Finally, if you want the most rounded stats because you plan on leveling several different types jobs, Hume is a good choice. Also note that your stats will remain static in terms of gender and model size; a large Elvaan isn't stronger than a medium or small one.

Most importantly however, pick the race that's right for you! Tarutaru can still make great melee damage dealers, and Galka can be fantastic mages, thanks to all the different equipment you can use to improve upon your strengths or weaknesses.

Race Distribution Statistics 2007

Analyzing the percentages for racial distribution, as well as the most popular sizes and genders for each race. Hume males still top the rankings this year; however Tarutaru males are hot on their heels. If the popularity of the diminutive Windurstians continues to rise, we may see a new race in the number one position this time next year. In an interesting comparison, Tarutaru females continue to come in at a humble sixth. The only change we see in the rankings this time around is the previously fourth-ranked Elvaan males giving way to Hume females, jumping up from fifth position. Gender continues to be fairly balanced, with gender distribution coming in at 54.2% for males, and 45.76 for females.