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After striking north from the Imperial capital, a perilous voyage across the roiling seas of the Cyan Deep will bring travelers to Azouph Isle. This mist-shrouded island is home to the solitary settlement of Nashmau. Once a supply base for the Imperial navy, it was abandoned after a plague descended upon its population; the Qiqirn have since taken the town as their own. The diminutive beastmen have reopened a section of the port in order to trade with fishermen and other visitors to the Arrapago Islands. To the east of Nashmau lies a stretch of mudlands known as the "Deadmist Marsh."

This area is only accessible if the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion is installed and The Road to Aht Urhgan quest is completed.


Connecting Areas

Aht Urhgan Whitegate via Ferry - Nashmau/Al Zahbi (Port Ephramad) at (I-5)
Caedarva Mire at (F-7), (H-6), (H-8)

If you see a quest that is listed as Yes but is not working properly please report it on GitHub. Make sure to list as many details as possible when describing what is not working. If there happens to already be a report on that quest regarding your problem, just add your experience to that report.


Yes = Quest is in game and working

Yes but bugged = Quest is in game but not working properly and being worked on or in que to be worked on.

No = Not in game yet but is planned

Involved in Quests/Missions






  Cook-a-roon? General Ququroon   H-6    No
  Not Meant to Be Fhe Maksojha   H-6    Yes
  Rat Race Kakkaroon       Yes
  Royal Painter Escort Halshaob   H-10    No
  Scouting the Ashu Talif Halshaob   H-10    No
  Targeting the Captain Halshaob   H-10    No
  Totoroon's Treasure Hunt Totoroon   G-8    No
  What Friends are For Map Tsetseroon   G-6    Yes


Fish Cap Body of Water
5 ???

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Abihaal H-9
Awaheen G-9 Imperial Merchant
Belligerent Sheep H-9
Bellowing Scout H-9
Buburoon G-9
Chuchuroon G-8
Dnegan H-6
Fhe Maksojha H-6
Gehuha G-9 Event Scene Replayer
Guhyun H-8
Habadim H-9
Jajaroon G-7 Standard Merchant
Jijiroon H-8
Jojoroon H-8
Kyokyoroon H-7
Leleroon G-7
Loloroon G-7
Mamaroon H-7 Standard Merchant
Memeroon G-8 Item Appraiser
Mimiroon H-7
Momoroon G-6 Auction House Representative
Mumuroon H-9
Nabihwah H-6
Name Location Type
Nadeeha H-7
Nanaroon H-7 Item Deliverer
Neneroon H-7 Item Deliverer
Nomad Moogle H-7 Nomad Moogle
Nomad Moogle G-6 Nomad Moogle
Pipiroon H-6 Standard Merchant
Poporoon G-7 Standard Merchant
Pupuroon H-9 Auction House Representative
Ququroon H-6
Sajhra H-9
Sisiroon G-6
Tataroon G-8
Totoroon G-8
Tsetseroon G-6
Tsotsoroon H-8
Tsutsuroon G-7 Tenshodo Merchant
Viviroon G-9
Wafeeyah G-7
Wata Khamazom H-9 Standard Merchant
Yohj Dukonlhy H-10 Adventurer's Assistant
Yoyoroon G-6 Standard Merchant
Yuyuroon G-6
Zazaroon G-9