The Mithra are a predominantly female race of hunters who live alongside the Tarutaru in Windurst. They are easily identified by their characteristic ears, which give them spectacular hearing ability, and their long tails, which result in an unparalleled sense of balance. They are known for their energy, curiosity, and their penchant for causing playful mischief. The Mithra enjoy a friendly relationship with the Tarutaru, and this attitude of mutual cooperation has made Windurst a nation of peace and prosperity.

The Playful Mithra

A race of humanoid cats. These cat-like people live alongside the Tarutaru in Windurst and in the small town of Kazham in the Outlands. Their home is somewhere far to the south (according to the Vana'diel Tribune and the Sin Hunters).

The tails of the Mithra give them an excellent sense of balance that no other race seems to be able to compare with. This gives them the highest dexterity and agility among the races of Vana'diel, however, due to their tribal hunter culture, their lack of social grace found in other races results in a penalty in their Charisma. Like all cats, they have unbelievable energy and curiosity. Being related to cats, Mithra are the only race able to eat raw fish. Thanks to the friendly relationship with the Tarutaru (whom many Mithra view as little brothers and sisters), Windurst enjoys a peace and prosperity that is only threatened by the Yagudo, with whom Windurst shares an uneasy truce.

Only females are available as playable characters as they predominate the race. Mithran men are presumed to live to the continent of Olzhirya to the far south, and are very seldom seen in public on the continents of Quon, Mindartia and Aradjiah.

History of the Name: Mithra

"Mithra" is a term that Square Enix ironically opted to apply to an all-female playable race. The reason why it is so ironic is because the word "Mithra" is actually the name of a male/female god, Mithras, who belongs to a monotheistic cult that was contemporary with early Christian religions.

Not only this, but when one compares Christian religions to the Mithran cult, one learns that Mithranism far exceeds Christianity when it comes to being a patriarchal religion!

Note: "Patriarchal" means that the religion focuses predominately on male worshipers, and only permits male leadership.

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