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[[1]] in which various items can be harvested by using a [[2]] at a logging point. In order to log, all you need to do is use your [[3]] in the item list on the Logging Point. You can set the following [[4]] in order to speed up the process.

/item Hatchet <t>
Hatchets can break with use, although the [Tunica Set|Field Tunica Set] or [Tunica Set|Worker Tunica Set] can minimize such breakages.

Because logs don't stack, your inventory can become full very quickly. If you have sufficient skill in [[5]] bring [Crystal|Wind Crystal]s along to craft the logs into Lumber.

Logging can be done in the following zones:

[Peninsula|Buburimu Peninsula]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Lauan Log] 24.1%[Rate Policy|Very Common](24.1%)
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 19.8%[Rate Policy|Common](19.8%)
[Cherry|Yagudo Cherry] 15.5%[Rate Policy|Common](15.5%)
[Grape|Buburimu Grape] 10.3%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](10.3%)
[Root|Dryad Root] 7.8%[Rate Policy|Rare](7.8%)
[Seeds|Fruit Seeds] 5.2%[Rate Policy|Rare](5.2%)
[Log|Holly Log] 9.5%[Rate Policy|Rare](9.5%)
[Log|Ebony Log] 3.4%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](3.4%)
[Log|Mahogany Log] 1.7%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](1.7%)
[Log|Rosewood Log] 2.6%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](2.6%)
Logging Map

[Mire|Caedarva Mire]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Dogwood Log] 22%[Rate Policy|Very Common](22%)
[[6]] 15.2%[Rate Policy|Common](15.2%)
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 12.6%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](12.6%)
[Log|Chestnut Log] 4.7%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](4.7%)
[[7]] 6.8%[Rate Policy|Rare](6.8%)
[Log|Lauan Log] 9.4%[Rate Policy|Rare](9.4%)
[Nuts|Pine Nuts] 11.5%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](11.5%)
[Log|Rosewood Log] 6.8%[Rate Policy|Rare](6.8%)
[Log|Bloodwood Log] 2.6%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](2.6%)
[Log|Ebony Log] 3.1%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](3.1%)
Logging Map

[Landing|Carpenters' Landing]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Walnut Log] 17.5%More data needed.(17.5%) (Common)
[Log|Willow Log] 17.5%More data needed.(17.5%) (Common)
[Log|Yew Log] 10%More data needed.(10%) (Uncommon)
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 7.5%More data needed.(7.5%) (Rare)
[Log|Ash Log] 5%More data needed.(5%) (Rare)
[Root|Dryad Root] 5%More data needed.(5%) (Rare)
[[8]] 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%) (Very Rare)
[Log|Oak Log] 0%More data needed.(0%) (Very Rare)
Logging Map

[Ronfaure|East Ronfaure]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 26.1%[Rate Policy|Very Common](26.1%)
[Log|Ash Log] 20.3%[Rate Policy|Very Common](20.3%)
[Log|Maple Log] 25.7%[Rate Policy|Very Common](25.7%)
[Log|Chestnut Log] 5.4%[Rate Policy|Rare](5.4%)
[Seeds|Fruit Seeds] 5.8%[Rate Policy|Rare](5.8%)
[Log|Yew Log] 9.1%[Rate Policy|Rare](9.1%)
[[9]] 4.1%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](4.1%)
[Tree Bark|Rugged Tree Bark] 4.7%More data needed.(4.7%)
Logging Map

[Ronfaure (S)|East Ronfaure (S)]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 18.9%[Rate Policy|Common](18.9%)
[Log|Ash Log] 14%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](14%)
[Log|Maple Log] 14.3%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](14.3%)
[[10]] 12.7%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](12.7%)
[Log|Chestnut Log] 8.5%[Rate Policy|Rare](8.5%)
[Chestnut] 10%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](10%)
[Log|Walnut Log] 7.6%[Rate Policy|Rare](7.6%)
[Seeds|Fruit Seeds] 4.9%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](4.9%)
[Log|Jacaranda Log] 0.4%[Rate Policy|Extremely Rare](0.4%)
[Log|Oak Log] 4%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](4%)
[Log|Teak Log] 2.9%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](2.9%)
Logging Map

[Forest (S)|Jugner Forest (S)]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[[11]] 20%[Rate Policy|Common](20%)
[Log|Walnut Log ] 15.4%[Rate Policy|Common](15.4%)
[Log|Arrowwood Log ] 11.4%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](11.4%)
[Log|Ash Log] 10.9%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](10.9%)
[Log|Oak Log] 8.6%[Rate Policy|Rare](8.6%)
[Log|Willow Log ] 8.6%[Rate Policy|Rare](8.6%)
[[12]] 5.1%[Rate Policy|Rare](5.1%)
[Log|Jacaranda Log] 1.7%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](1.7%)
[Log|Teak Log] 2.3%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](2.3%)
Logging Map

[Karugo-Narugo (S)|Fort Karugo-Narugo (S)]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Water|Holy Water] 29.1%[Rate Policy|Very Common](29.1%)
[[13]] 22.3%[Rate Policy|Very Common](22.3%)
[Fruit|Dragon Fruit] 16.5%[Rate Policy|Common](16.5%)
[Feather|Bird Feather] 14.9%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](14.9%)
[Egg|Bird Egg] 12.5%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](12.5%)
[Stems|Cactus Stems] 1.7%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](1.7%)
[Needle|Optical Needle] 0.5%[Rate Policy|Extremely Rare](0.5%)
Logging Map

[Outpost|Ghelsba Outpost]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 29.5%[Rate Policy|Very Common](29.5%)
[Log|Ash Log] 22.3%[Rate Policy|Very Common](22.3%)
[Log|Maple Log] 21.2%[Rate Policy|Very Common](21.2%)
[Log|Willow Log] 10%[Rate Policy|Rare](10%)
[Log|Elm Log] 6.2%[Rate Policy|Rare](6.2%)
[Log|Holly Log] 6.5%[Rate Policy|Rare](6.5%)
[Tree Bark|Rugged Tree Bark] 6.7%More data needed.(6.7%)
Logging Map

[Forest|Jugner Forest]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Tree Bark|Rugged Tree Bark] 15.4%More data needed.(15.4%) Received with quest active
[Log|Walnut Log] 20.4%[Rate Policy|Very Common](20.4%)
[Log|Willow Log] 18.5%[Rate Policy|Common](18.5%)
[Log|Yew Log] 17.9%[Rate Policy|Common](17.9%)
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 14.6%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](14.6%)
[Log|Ash Log] 14.3%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](14.3%)
[[14]] 5.8%[Rate Policy|Rare](5.8%)
[Root|Dryad Root] 5.5%[Rate Policy|Rare](5.5%)
[Log|Oak Log] 0.6%[Rate Policy|Extremely Rare](0.6%)
[Log|Lunascent Log] 101%Received with quest active
Logging Map

[Meadows|Lufaise Meadows]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 33.3%[Rate Policy|Very Common](33.3%)
[Log|Ash Log] 17.5%[Rate Policy|Common](17.5%)
[Log|Maple Log] 20%[Rate Policy|Common](20%)
[Apple|Faerie Apple] 14.2%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](14.2%)
[Log|Walnut Log] 8.3%[Rate Policy|Rare](8.3%)
[[15]] 1.7%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](1.7%)
[Log|Elm Log] 3.3%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](3.3%)
[Log|Oak Log] 1.7%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](1.7%)
Logging Map


[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Common)
[Log|Dogwood Log] 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Common)
[Nuts|Pine Nuts] 0%Unknown(0%) (Common)
[[17]] 0%Unknown(0%) (Uncommon)
[Log|Chestnut Log] 0%Unknown(0%) (Uncommon)
[[18]] 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
[Log|Ebony Log] 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
[Log|Lauan Log] 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
[Log|Rosewood Log] 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
[Log|Bloodwood Log] 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Rare)
Logging Map

[Coast|Misareaux Coast]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 22.2%More data needed.(22.2%) (Uncommon)
[Apple|Faerie Apple] 22.2%More data needed.(22.2%) (Uncommon)
[Log|Ash Log] 22.2%More data needed.(22.2%) (Rare)
[Log|Maple Log] 22.2%More data needed.(22.2%) (Rare)
[Log|Walnut Log] 0%More data needed.(0%) (Rare)
[[19]] 0%More data needed.(0%) (Very Rare)
[Log|Elm Log] 11.1%More data needed.(11.1%) (Very Rare)
[Log|Oak Log] 0%More data needed.(0%) (Very Rare)
Logging Map

[Jungle|Yuhtunga Jungle]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 19%More data needed.(19%) (Common)
[Lumber|Rattan Lumber] 14.3%More data needed.(14.3%) (Common)
[Log|Lauan Log] 11.9%More data needed.(11.9%) (Uncommon)
[Tree Root|Revival Tree Root] 11.9%More data needed.(11.9%) (Uncommon)
[Log|Aquilaria Log] 9.5%More data needed.(9.5%) (Uncommon)
[Chip|Beehive Chip] 4.8%More data needed.(4.8%) (Rare)
[Cuttings|Tree Cuttings] 4.8%More data needed.(4.8%) (Rare)
[Fruit|Dragon Fruit] 0%More data needed.(0%) (Very Rare)
[Log|Ebony Log] 2.4%More data needed.(2.4%) (Very Rare)
[Log|Holly Log] 0%More data needed.(0%) (Very Rare)
[Log|Rosewood Log] 0%More data needed.(0%) (Very Rare)
Logging Map

[Jungle|Yhoator Jungle]

[ edit ]
Item Abundance
[Log|Arrowwood Log] 22.2%[Rate Policy|Very Common](22.2%)
[Lumber|Rattan Lumber] 22.2%[Rate Policy|Very Common](22.2%)
[Log|Lauan Log] 11.3%[Rate Policy|Uncommon](11.3%)
[Chip|Beehive Chip] 7.8%[Rate Policy|Rare](7.8%)
[Root|Dryad Root] 6.5%[Rate Policy|Rare](6.5%)
[[20]] 6.5%[Rate Policy|Rare](6.5%)
[Tree Root|Revival Tree Root] 6.1%[Rate Policy|Rare](6.1%)
[Log|Aquilaria Log] 6.1%[Rate Policy|Rare](6.1%)
[Log|Kapor Log] 5.7%[Rate Policy|Rare](5.7%)
[Log|Mahogany Log] 3.5%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](3.5%)
[Log|Ebony Log] 1.7%[Rate Policy|Very Rare](1.7%)
[Cuttings|Tree Cuttings] 0.9%[Rate Policy|Extremely Rare](0.9%)
Logging Map

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