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Surrounding the base of Mount Zhayolm, the city of Halvung is a military fortification built by the Troll Mercenaries. While defensive foundations and mercenary barracks constructed from heat-resistant materials can be found above the surface, the bulk of Halvung is concentrated underground. The subterranean complex is favored by the mercenaries' employers--a faction of Moblins that splintered from Movalpolos in the distant past. The design of Halvung was based on the mobile homeland of the Moblins, with several modifications to allow for the towering frames of the Trolls. The location of Halvung also brings other benefits--cast metal and jewelry crafted using the abundant geothermal energy of the volcano provide a valuable source of black market income.

This area is only accessible if the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion is installed and The Road to Aht Urhgan quest is completed.

Connecting Areas

Mount Zhayolm at
Bhaflau Thickets at
Wajaom Woodlands at (I-13)
Aydeewa Subterrane at (H-14)

Involved in Quests/Missions





Get the Picture General Balakaf   Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Saga of the Skyserpent General Fari-Wari   Aht Urhgan Whitegate


Item Abundance
Bomb Ash Common
Sulfur Common
Iron Sand Common
Flint Stone Common
Moblin Helm Uncommon
Moblin Mail Uncommon
Moblin Mask Uncommon
Moblin Armor Uncommon
Troll Pauldron Uncommon
Troll Vambrace Uncommon
Aht Urhgan Brass Uncommon
Gold Ore Uncommon
Orichalcum Ore Rare
Luminium Ore Very Rare

Mining Map
Mining Points

Notorious Monsters Found Here

Name Level Drops Steal Family Spawns Notes
Big Bomb Bomb

Second Map

Resists stun. Uses fire spells.

Dorgerwor the Astute (RNG)

Mercenary's Mantle Troll


Often uses Zarbzan attack - Wide AOE for 100-200 dmg. Stoneskin blocks a lot of these.
Farlarder the Shrewd (MNK) Mercenary's Subligar Troll
Kirlirger the Abhorrent (DRK) Mercenary's Boots Troll
Mythril Mouth Monamaq (RDM)
Assisted by: Troll Mythril Guard
Volunteer's Earring Moblin
Gurfurlur the Menacing (MNK) Mercenary's Ring Troll Assisted by: Hilltroll Elite Guard Woodtroll Elite Guard

   Hilltroll Elite Guard (PLD)



Assists: Gurfurlur the Menacing

   Woodtroll Elite Guard (RNG)



Assist: Gurfurlur the Menacing

Hilltroll Mirror Guard

82 - 83



Archaic Mirror Guards

Woodtroll Mirror Guard

82 - 83



Archaic Mirror Guardians

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Mobs Found Here

Name Level Drops Steal Family Spawns Notes
Antares Unknown Scorpion
Black Pudding 73 - 75 Black Pudding A, S
Dahak Unknown Dragon A, S
Earth Elemental Unknown Elemental M
Ebony Pudding Unknown Black Pudding A, S
Fire Elemental Unknown Elemental M
Friar's Lantern 73 - 76 Bomb A, S, M
Magmatic Eruca 71 - 75 Crawler A, H
Moblin Billionaire (RDM) 76 - 77 Moblin A, L, S
Moblin Millionaire (WHM) 70 - 75 Moblin A, L, S
Purgatory Bat 70 - 72 Giant Bat

Respawn:16 minutes

A, H
Qiqirn Diamantaire (THF) 72 - 73 Qiqirn

Respawn: 16 minutes

Qiqirn Mercenary (RNG) 71 - 73 Almond Qiqirn
Troll Artilleryman (RNG?) Unknown Troll A, S
Troll Cameist (RDM) 72 - 75 Troll A, S
Troll Combatant (DRK) Unknown Troll A, S
Troll Cuirasser Unknown Troll A, T(S)
Troll Engraver (PUP) 72 - 75 Troll A, S
Troll Gemologist (PLD) 71 - 71 Troll A, S
Troll Grenadier Unknown Troll A, T(S)
Troll Ironworker (WAR) Unknown Troll A, S
Troll Lapidarist (DRK) 74 - 74 Troll A, S
Troll Machinist Unknown Troll A, S
Troll Scrimer Unknown Troll A, T(S)
Troll Smelter Unknown Troll A, S
Troll Stoneworker 72 - 74 Troll A, S
Troll Targeteer Unknown Troll A, T(S)
Troll's Automaton 70 - 72 Automaton
Volcanic Bats 70 - 71 Bat Trio A, H
Wamoura 77 - 80 Wamoura A, T(H)
Wamouracampa 73 - 76 Wamoura

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