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  Trail Markings:   Hieroglyphics (G-7)
  Requirements:   Vial of Shrouded Sand
  Boss:   Cirrate Christelle
  Title:   Dynamis-Valkurm Interloper
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Key Item: Dynamis - Valkurm Sliver


  Ancient Currency:   Ordelle Bronzepiece
  Montiont Silverpiece
  One Byne Bill
  One Hundred Byne Bill
  Tukuku Whiteshell
  Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
  Items:   Ginuva's Battle Theory
  Relic Weapons:   None
  Relic Armor:
  (Level 71 Relic)
  Abyss Sollerets (DRK)
  Assassin's Bonnet (THF)
  Bard's Slippers (BRD)
  Cleric's Duckbills (WHM)
  Duelist's Boots (RDM)
  Koga Hakama (NIN)
  Melee Gaiters (MNK)
  Monster Helm (BST)
  Saotome Sune-Ate (SAM)
  Scout's Bracers (RNG)
  Sorcerer's Sabots (BLM)
  Summoner's Spats (SMN)
  Valor Leggings (PLD)
  Warrior's Calligae (WAR)
  Wyrm Brais (DRG)
  Relic Accessories:   Assassin's Cape (THF)
  Bard's Cape (BRD)
  Cleric's Belt (WHM)
  Koga Sarashi (NIN)
  Monster Belt (BST)
  Saotome Koshi-Ate (SAM)
  Sorcerer's Belt (BLM)
  Summoner's Cape (SMN)
  Valor Cape (PLD)
  Warrior's Stone (WAR)
  Relic Armor -1:
  (Head Piece)
  Abyss Burgeonet -1 (DRK)
  Assassin's Bonnet -1 (THF)
  Bard's Roundlet -1 (BRD)
  Cleric's Cap -1 (WHM)
  Duelist's Chapeau -1 (RDM)
  Koga Hatsuburi -1 (NIN)
  Melee Crown -1 (MNK)
  Monster Helm -1 (BST)
  Saotome Kabuto -1 (SAM)
  Scout's Beret -1 (RNG)
  Sorcerer's Petasos -1 (BLM)
  Summoner's Horn -1 (SMN)
  Valor Coronet -1 (PLD)
  Warrior's Mask -1 (WAR)
  Wyrm Armet -1 (DRG)

Monsters Found Here

Name Job Notes
Vanguard Alchemist WHM
Vanguard Ambusher RNG
Vanguard Amputator WHM
Vanguard Armorer PLD
Vanguard Assassin NIN
Vanguard Backstabber NIN
Vanguard Beasttender BST
Vanguard Bugler BRD
Vanguard Chanter BRD
Vanguard Constable WHM
Vanguard Defender PLD
Vanguard Dollmaster SMN
Vanguard Dragontamer DRG
Vanguard Drakekeeper DRG
Vanguard Enchanter RDM
Vanguard Exemplar PLD
Vanguard Footsoldier WAR
Vanguard Grappler MNK
Vanguard Gutslasher SAM
Vanguard Hatamoto SAM
Vanguard Hawker BST
Vanguard Hitman NIN
Vanguard Impaler DRG
Vanguard Inciter DRK
Vanguard Kusa NIN
Vanguard Liberator THF
Vanguard Mason RNG
Vanguard Maestro BRD
Vanguard Mesmerizer BLM
Vanguard Militant MNK
Vanguard Minstrel BRD
Vanguard Neckchopper DRK
Vanguard Necromancer SMN
Vanguard Ogresoother BST
Vanguard Oracle SMN
Vanguard Partisan DRG
Vanguard Pathfinder BST
Vanguard Persecutor SAM
Vanguard Pillager THF
Vanguard Pitfighter MNK
Vanguard Predator RNG
Vanguard Prelate BLM
Vanguard Priest WHM
Vanguard Protector RDM
Vanguard Purloiner THF
Vanguard Ronin SAM
Vanguard Salvager RNG
Vanguard Sentinel MNK
Vanguard Shaman BLM
Vanguard Skirmisher WAR
Vanguard Smithy WAR
Vanguard Thaumaturge BLM
Vanguard Tinkerer DRK
Vanguard Trooper PLD
Vanguard Undertaker SMN
Vanguard Vexer RDM
Vanguard Vigilante DRK
Vanguard Vindicator WAR
Vanguard Visionary RDM
Vanguard Welldigger THF
Vanguard's Avatar Follows and assists SMN-type vanguards.
Vanguard's Crow Silencega
Vanguard's Hecteyes
Vanguard's Scorpion Breakga
Vanguard's Slime Paralyga
Vanguard's Wyvern Follows and assists DRG-type Vanguards.
Nightmare Fly Defeat all 3 to unlock SJ Restriction
Nightmare Sabotender Drops PLD NIN BRD SMN WAR Accessory

Only the Large size Sabotender uses 10,000 Needles.

Nightmare Manticore Drops THF SAM WHM BLM BST Accessory

All pop with 100TP and usually Flame Breath.

Nightmare Hippogryph Drops PLD NIN BRD SMN WAR Accessory
Nightmare Sheep Drops THF SAM WHM BLM BST Accessory

Spams Sheep Song

Fairy Ring
Cirrate Christelle Mega Boss; Summons two Nightmare Morbol
Nightmare Morbol Resists Sleep but susceptible to Lullaby with Soul Voice
All monsters have True Sight and Link


1. Nightmare Flies - unlock support jobs:
The flies move around a lot so they won’t be found in the exact same spot each time but they will be in the same general area. The flies should be pulled as soon as possible. Time is very important here so pull them as quick as possible and expect the rest of the alliances to be ready when they get there.

2. Reduce frequency of Boss abilities:
a) After the last fly dies head immediately to the western tip of Whitebone Beach.
Fairy Ring (Funguar NM)
b) Next head out to eastern end (Konschtat Highlands zone).
Nant'ina (Goobbue NM)

3. Boss fight
a) Make sure you stand on the South West side before pulling or you will aggro Hippogryph

Boss abilities:

Fragrant Breath (AoE Charm) - Shorter charm duration after defeating Nant'ina.
Miasmic Breath (AoE Poison and Heavy Damage) - Less effect of AoE after defeating Fairy Ring.
Putrid Breath (AoE Mild Damage) - Less effect of AoE after defeating the Dragontrap
Vampiric Lash (TP and/or MP Drain) - Less effect of AoE after defeating Stcemqestcint.
Extremely Bad Breath

Movement Speed + - Removed by defeating the Fairy Ring.
Spawns 2 Nightmare Morbol - Removed by defeating the Dragontrap
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