Start NPC:   Gumbah - Bastok Mines (J-7)
  Level 30
  Items Needed:   Chaosbringer
  Title:   Dark Sider
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Ability to choose Dark Knight as a job.

  Previous Quest:   None.
  Next Quest:   Blade of Death and Dark Legacy


  • Speak with Gumbah twice, for two cutscenes (or dialog).
  • At this point you must find the adventuring Dark Knight, Zeid.
  • Travel to the Palborough Mines, and go to the top floor (by walking or taking the elevator).
  • Proceed to the river boat at (H-8), get on the boat, and pull the lever to activate it.
  • This takes you back to the Zeruhn Mines, and activates a cutscene with Zeid.
  • He presents you with a sword (Chaosbringer), tells you to satiate its thirst for blood, and to then seek him out again in Beadeaux.
  • To satiate the blade, you must kill 100 monsters with it. They can be anything, even the level 0 mobs in the starter zones.
  • The game won't tell you when you've reached the 100 kills. Keep track of your kills.
  • Once you kill 100 monsters, take the blade with you to Beadeaux for a cutscene. You will now be able to become a Dark Knight.
  • Important Notes About Your 100 Kills:
  • For it to count as a kill, the finishing blow must be made by a normal attack with the sword.
  • Weapon skills that kill the mob DO NOT count as a kill.
  • Mobs that self-destruct will not count as a kill. (see Goblins, Bombs, and Bees)
  • It is recommended that you kill the easiest mobs to make this go faster. (Although its upgrade, Deathbringer is perhaps the best greatsword of its level, it is highly recommended you get this when leveling Dark Knight; see Blade of Death for upgrade details)
  • Kills DO count if you first bring the mob down to a tiny sliver of health with a real weapon and then switch to the Chaosbringer for the final blow. (Note: The use of some skills, even with Chaosbringer equipped, such as Jump, will not count towards the 100 kill count.)

Game Description


Zeid, the sole master of the way of the dark knight in Vana'diel, has been sighted in the Palborough Mines. If you seek him out, he may make you an apprentice...
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