Start NPC:   Virnage - Bastok Mines (I-5)
  Bastok Reputation 4
  Level 10
  Items Needed:   None
  Title:   Pilgrim to Dem
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Scroll of Teleport-Dem

  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   None


  • Virnage is located at I-5 in the back room of Bat's Inn. He has noticed the paint is peeling off the statue of the Goddess in Metalworks and he needs your help to repair it.
  • Head to Garlaige Citadel to find the batch of paint left behind from the Great War.
  • Search for a ??? on the first floor inside a room at H-8 or G-8 to get (key item): Bucket of Divine Paint.
  • Go back to Virnage and he will give you key item: Letter from Virnage.
  • Bring the letter to Eperdur (M-7) in the Cathedral in Northern San d'Oria for your reward.

Game Description

Client: Virnage (Bat's Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)

Virnage needs a bucket of divine paint to restore the statue of Altana to Her former glory. He advised you to look for it in a citadel on the Sauromugue Champaign.